(Backup) Ezelle, Hindered Traveler


Gavino had been wounded in fighting off the vicious beasts, so Ezelle retaliated with all of her strength to ward off the threat. No matter how much of a bother he had posed, she did not wish for him to perish. Heaving the massive warhammer with which he had always shielded her, a desire to offer recompense, as well as a newfound compassion, filled her heart.


See Ezelle, Hindered Traveler.

Name originEdit

Ezelle is probably a French feminine variant of English and Norman masculine name Ezell, a variant of the Old German name Esel, derived from a nickname from Middle High German esel meaning "donkey".

Additional InfoEdit

Deals up to 10x the front line damage to the Bosses when evolved and at Level 10 during Heart of Chaos Raid Event.