(Cost) Celine the Frozen Princess


As she awoke, Celine’s frigid powers brought a vicious frost upon the realm. Engulfed by the extreme chill, every being was frozen to the core, rendered motionless by the princess’ sorcery. A morbid silence descended upon the kingdom. As she walked through the icy halls of the castle, Celine grew more bewildered with each step. No matter how many times she called out to her parents, no answer came. She began wailing in a frenzy, desperate for any signs of life, but she received none. She was a princess of a silent, frozen world, and before long her own heart began to freeze.


See Celine the Frozen Princess.

Name originEdit

Celine (Ciline, Celina) is a feminine name of Latin origin, the meaning of Celine is "heaven, heavenly". Originated from the Latin word "caelum" meaning sky or heaven. Popular French name, spelled Céline, the other variant is Celeste ("heavenly").