After a bloody struggle, the evil deity was once again sealed away. Pamela was elated upon returning to her former self, but then she saw the heaps of corpses that lay before her. Countless sorcerers had sacrificed themselves to banish the wicked deity and save her life. As overwhelming grief began welling up inside her, Pamela made a solemn vow: She would devote her life to fulfilling their final wishes.


See Pamela, Possessed Maiden.

Name OriginEdit

Pamela is a feminine name of Old Greek origin; the meaning is "all black; all sweetness, honey". The name was invented in the 16th century by the Elizabethan poet Sir Philip Sidney for his pastoral work Countess of Pembroke's "Arcadia" (1590). He could have derived the name from the Old Greek Pammelas, of the elements pan ("all, every") and melas ("black, dark"), or else the second element could have been meli ("bee, honey").

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Wagner Bruno.