(Extol) Finly, Creating Prosperity


Finly was extolled by the people, who called her the White Wolf for the bounteous harvest she brought to the land. So powerful was her gift that a once barren land would overflow with vegetation. When they had at last ceased their travels, knowledge of her and the serpent's work reverberated not only through the mortal realm, but through the Heavens as well. The heroic pair that had brought prosperity was asked to return to the realm of the gods. "After hundreds of years, we are finally going back. I suppose this is... goodbye."


Evolving (Travel) Finly, Living off the Land with Finly the Wolf Goddess.

Name originEdit

Finly Hutchinson Gray (July 21, 1863 - May 8, 1947) was a U.S. Representative from Indiana. Later an unincorporated community in Brandywine Township, Hancock County, Indiana was named after him as Finly, previously known as Reedville Station, Carrollton, Kinder, & Tailholt.

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