(Fated Hour) Violaine the Diviner


In truth, Violaine has never been spectacular when it comes to the art of divination. Her assassination skills, on the other hand, are sublime. No target has ever escaped their fate, and all of her companions refer to her as being utterly unstoppable. In fact, no one can recount ever seeing her draw a blade. The cunning devil leaves no even the slightest trace of her handiwork; the closest any observer has ever come to catching the act is to hear the sound of a weapon being returned to its scabbard followed by the body's collapse.


See Violaine the Diviner.

Name originEdit

Violaine (Violeine) is English feminine name; the meaning is "purple". A variant of Viola (English, German, Italian, and Scandinavian) and Violet (Latin): one of the earliest flower names, first used in the 1830s.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Yu-Han Chen.