(Flame) Odile, Shadow Swan




Ultra Rare EX

ATK: BASE (?) PM(?)
7321 21175
DEF: BASE (?) PM(?)
7296 21105





Melt Into Darkness


Immense boost to all ATK types


16575 Coins

EVOLVES FROM: (Soot) Odile, Shadow Swan
Arcane Water Crest
(Flame) Odile, Shadow Swan


The swan princess, the prince, and the evil sorcerer. The night the three gathered at the lake was their last. The white-winged maiden succumbed to the mage's curse, the mage was run through by the prince's sword, and the prince was rent from the world by his own hand at the realization his love was no more. Odile only gazed at his body with innocent eyes, then took it in her arms. "I want to remain in your embrace for eternity." With Odette's same words, the black swan resurrected the prince. As she felt his warm embrace, she smiled for the first time.


Evolving two Odile, Shadow Swan cards and then evolving again with Arcane Water Crest.

Name originEdit

Odile is a character in the ballet Swan Lake, the secondary antagonist of the story. She is the daughter of evil sorcerer Von Rothbart and is willing to follow in her father's footsteps. She only appears on the Ball, usually dressed in black and magically disguised as Odette in order to help her father trick Siegfried into breaking his vow of love to Odette. In some productions, Odile is known as the Black Swan and, rather than being magically disguised as her, is actually Odette's evil twin or double.

Odile is a French variant of German feminine name Odelia; derived from the Germanic element odal meaning "fatherland" or aud meaning "wealth, fortune"; Also a diminutive of a short form of Germanic compound names beginning with the element od-, ot- "riches". Odilon is a French masculine variant.

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See alsoEdit

(Soot) Odile, Shadow Swan (Normal Card Image)

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