(Forbidden) Lady Eden, Wise Sage


Suddenly a hallowed glow shines through her hands; the fruit is at last ripe after countless eons. Transfixed by its beauty, and no longer able to heed the voice of her master, she lifts the fruit to her mouth and takes a bite of its juicy pome.

Name OriginEdit

Eden is refered to the Garden of Eden or the "garden of God". The man (Adam) was free to eat off of any tree in the garden, but forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God made a woman (Eve) from a rib of the man to be a companion to the man. The man and woman broke the commandment and ate of the forbidden fruit, and was sent forth from the garden to prevent him from eating also of the tree of life, and thus live forever.

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See Lady Eden, Wise Sage

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