(Juvenile) Adorable Summoner Hummel


"Huh?" Suddenly, the world around Hummel seemed to enlarge, causing her to give a distraught shout. "What happened?" She squeaked in surprise again as she realized how young her voice sounded. It appeared the spell did not work as intended, regressing her age instead of progressing it. In her haste to undo the effect, she accidentally made her demonic servants younger as well. "It's not MY fault!"


Evolving Vexed Summoner Hummel with Juvenescent Gemstone to create "Innocent Maiden" Card.

Name originEdit

Hummel of German and Dutch origin: a pet form of Humbert or Humbold (a compound name with the same first element + bald ‘bold’, ‘brave’).

German, Dutch, and Danish nickname for a busy or bustling person, translates as "bumblebee".

Additional Info Edit

Artwork by Kang Hee Gwang aka Nax.