(Last Man) Tubal-Cain, Lost General


Tubal-Cain and his men had been born and raised on the battlefield. Without warfare, their lives had no merit. Under the great war-mind's leadership, they entered fray after fray, employing the same unfailing tactics in each war. "We fight until the last of us has perished on this field of honor." It was the last order Tubal-Cain gave to his men. For without a country or king to fight for, that was undoubtedly each man's final wish.


See Tubal-Cain, Lost General.

Name originEdit

Tubal-cain a biblical descendant of Cain (the first son of Adam), the son of Lamech and Zillah, the brother of Naamah, and half-brother of Jabal and Jubal; who was said to be a metalworker, the first blacksmith, "the forger of every cutting instrument". Tubal derived from ybl "to bring, to produce"; and Cain derived from Arabic qāyin "smith, metalworker, metalsmith".

Additional InfoEdit