(Monitor) Eugenie, Mind Guardian


There are times when a particularly violent emotion threatened to consume one utterly unawares, the magnitude of which would endanger the delicate balance of world peace. When Eugenie notices such a dilemma, she takes action to bring about its removal before it can worsen. It is due to her efforts that the inhabitants of Neotellus may enjoy their lives in tranquility, and their fragile psyches remain unperturbed.


See Eugenie, Mind Guardian.

Name originEdit

Eugenie is an English and German form of French feminine name Eugénie, a variant of English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish Eugenia "well-born, noble". A variant of English and French masculine name Eugene, originally Old Greek Eugenios, derived from eugenes meaning "well born, noble, gentle" with elements eu "good, well" and genos "birth, descent".

Additional InfoEdit