A Black Shadow Falls

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -13
Experience / Monster +13
Coins / Monster 210-300
Monsters / Chapter ~35

Preceded By Followed By
Soothing Sands Ripples of Unrest
End Boss
Mermaid of the Deep
Mermaid of the Deep

Chapter 35-1 Mental Reset

Berserk Chimaera thumb Crowned Blue Dragon thumb Furious Berserker Ape thumb Red Tiki
Berserk Chimaera Crowned Blue Dragon Furious Berserker Ape Red Tiki

Chapter 35-2 Sharpen Your Knives

Tri-headed Ogre Rebel thumb Heavenly Freyja thumb Carbuncle of Fiery Will thumb
Tri-headed Ogre Rebel Heavenly Freyja Carbuncle of Fiery Will

Chapter 35-3 Two Ways to Skin a Fish

Ebbing Harpy thumb Indulgent Tethys thumb Carbuncle of Fiery Will thumb
Ebbing Harpy Indulgent Tethys Carbuncle of Fiery Will

Chapter 35-4 Seperate the Bones Out

Truth Seeker Guru thumb Ipupiara of Skepticism thumb Ravine Nightmare thumb Blue Tiki
Truth Seeker Guru Ipupiara of Skepticism Ravine Nightmare Blue Tiki

Chapter 35-5 Seaside Vigil

Tri-headed Ogre Rebel thumb Crowned Blue Dragon thumb Magma Minotaur thumb
Tri-headed Ogre Rebel Crowned Blue Dragon Magma Minotaur

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