Applibot logo
Founded by:

Hiroki Urabe
Koki Ukita
Shogo Takeda

Founded in:

July 7, 2010


San Francisco, California (USA)
Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)

Key people:

Hiroki Urabe, CEO
Susumu Fujita, Director
Yusuke Hidaka, Director
Koki Ukita, Director
Shogo Takeda, Director
Yujin Akimichi, Auditor

Parent company:




Website (JP) (US)

Applibot is a developer and publisher of mobile games, owned by CyberAgent. The company operates in both Japan and America as Applibot Inc, and Applibot America Inc respectively.


The company was formed in 2010 by Hiroki Urabe, Koki Ukita, and Shogo Takeda, all of whom were just twenty five years old at the time. Similar to its founders, most of the companies staff are in their twenties on average.

Despite being known for releasing mostly mobile games, the company is generally focused on developing internet based services on a worldwide scale.


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