Arachnodancer REG


That magic, which allowed her to incorporate the arachnid's powers into her being, had begun to form a black carapace on the surface of Albina's skin. It was something the corrupt organization had commanded of her, yet, honestly, it had not bothered Albina. She had grown bored of her dull life, and the excitement she felt in testing the restricted spell was exactly what she desired. Perhaps abandoning her human form altogether would be the final step in relieving her from such tedium.


Added on September 26, 2014 as a Reward during Gilt Blades Raid Event:

  • Can be drawn with Golden Key from Boss Reward Chest.

Name originEdit

Albina is a English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Slavic feminine name; the meaning is "white; blond, fair one". It's from the Roman cognate Albinus, derived from the Latin albus, meaning "white" or "bright". There are masculine variants including Albin in Poland, Scandinavia, and Slovenia; and Aubin in France. In mythology, Albina was an Etruscan goddess of the dawn and protector of ill-fated lovers. She was a white sow goddess similar to the Celtic Cerridwen.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Arachne (from Greek: ἀράχνη, cognate with Latin araneus) was a mortal woman and talented weaver who challenged Athena, goddess of wisdom and crafts, and was transformed into a spider. Spiders are called "arachnids" after Arachne.

Additional InfoEdit

Was Hidden Boss in Circle of Betrayal Raid Event.