Arcane Merchant Merelio


Each and every one of Merelio's arcane items contained enough magical energy to unnerve even the most powerful of mages. All hoped to attain her unique wares when the traveling merchant appeared before them, and even despite the relatively cheap prices at which she sold them, many would even resort to theft. Though to steal such items from their master was the definition of recklessness.


Added on June 25, 2014 as Reward during Behind the Lines Raid Event:

  • Final Ranking Reward 5,001-9,999 (x2), 10,001-14,999.
  • Repel reward for 60 Bosses.
  • Can be drawn with Topaz Key from Boss Reward Chest.

Name originEdit

A merchant is a businessperson who trades in commodities produced by others, in order to earn a profit. The status of the merchant has varied during different periods of history and amongst different societies. Merchants have often been the subject of works of art.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 7th and 8th Chapters in Behind the Lines Raid Event.