Test Example image

Example of the Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.

** Please see the updated and improved standalone application here:

The Legend of the Cryptids Attack/Defense Calculator is a Microsoft Excel document which allows users to enter their Frontline and Backline card details to be given what their attack/defense total stat will be. This also allows users to see what total attack or defense stat they will have after upgrading their decks with new cards.

Currently the spreadsheet is in alpha format and may not be fully accurate. I am currently conducting trials to check for accuracy among players.

Accessing the FileEdit

Due to the spreadsheet being fairly complex the spreadsheet doesn't currently work for mobile devices. I am working on eventually producing a mobile friendly version.

The file can be accessed here: and is best viewed in Microsoft Excel 2007 and up. If you don't have access to this program you can also use Apache Open Office which is a free to use Spreadsheet editor available on PC which can be found here: which works just as well as Excel.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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