Auspicious Dawn

Auspicious Dawn Card Pack is a special New Year Card Pack available from December 26, 2014 to January 13, 2015 8:00 pm (PST). Features ATK/DEF Score Ranking system.

  • Auspicious Dawn tickets can be obtained from premium Card Packs and Events.
  • Common, Skilled Common, Rare and Ultra Rare cards are drawn from this card pack.
  • Auspicious Dawn tickets cannot be traded or gifted.
  • Auspicious Dawn tickets will disappear after Card Pack ends.
  • Also available Lucky Number Rewards: ranks ending in 5 from 1st till 8,000 will get additional 300 Gems.

Highest ATK/DEF Score RankingsEdit

Rank Reward
6 - 7
8 - 10
11 - 50
21 - 250

Special Lucky Number RankingsEdit

Rank Reward

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