Caller of Hellfire

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -21
Experience / Monster +21
Coins / Monster 300-320
Monsters / Chapter ~95

Preceded By Followed By
Ruins of Ash Merciless Scars
End Boss
Ruin Incinerator Folkrio
Ruin Incinerator Folkrio

Chapter 95-1 Smother the Fires

Torrid Dust Golem thumb Gargantuan Ruins Spider thumb Abyssal Warden thumb Purple Dragon Scale
Torrid Dust Golem Gargantuan Ruins Spider Abyssal Warden Purple Dragon Scale

Chapter 95-2 Trick the Traps

Black-Winged Angel thumb Gashing Claws Lycanthrope thumb Straying Horned Dwarf thumb
Black-Winged Angel Gashing Claws Lycanthrope Straying Horned Dwarf

Chapter 95-3 Avoid the Conflagration

Defiant Dissolved Dragon thumb Gashing Claws Lycanthrope thumb Pastt, Dimension Hopper thumb
Defiant Dissolved Dragon Gashing Claws Lycanthrope Pastt, Dimension Hopper

Chapter 95-4 Uncover the Mystery

Celestial Wanderer Cyantheus thumb Gashing Claws Lycanthrope thumb Impulse Beelzebub thumb Blue Dragon Scale
Celestial Wanderer Cyantheus Gashing Claws Lycanthrope Impulse Beelzebub Blue Dragon Scale

Chapter 95-5 Chase the Pyromaniac

Defiant Dissolved Dragon thumb Hedonist Apkallu thumb Brash Goblin Zombie thumb
Defiant Dissolved Dragon Hedonist Apkallu Brash Goblin Zombie

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