Crystal Exchange is a special campaign that allows players to trade in Crystals on various items. It is available only from the start of Raid Event to the end of the month. All Crystals must be used in that time or they will disappear. Players are rewarded Crystals for defeating Raid Bossess.


Crystal Exchange


  • 15 Crystals per normal Boss: 6 for Discovering, 2 for Participation and 7 for Finishing
  • 25 Crystals per Hidden Boss: 12 for Discovering, 3 for Participation and 10 for Finishing
    • From July 2017 on: 16 for Discovering, 6 for Participation and 20 for Finishing
  • 40 Crystals per Secret Boss: 20 for Discovering, 4 for Participation and 16 for Finishing
    • From July 2017 on: 30 for Discovering, 10 for Participation and 40 for Finishing

Exchange DetailsEdit

  • Checked items will appear on the list at the bottom of the page.
  • Purchased items will be sent to your Presents List.
  • You can have up to 99,999,999 Crystals in your possession.
  • All Crystals in your possession will disappear past the indicated time.


Former RewardsEdit

Reward Name QTY Cost Limit
Special Exchange Ticket Special Exchange Ticket 1 45,000


PWR 14+ UR LCP Claim Ticket 14-PWR & Up UR Ticket 1 4,000 1
LCP UR Guaranteed Ticket UR Guaranteed Ticket 1 3,000 1
50% UR Ticket 50% UR Ticket 1 1,500 2
10% UR Ticket 10% UR Ticket 1 450




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