Curious Pet Kiki


Kiki, a modest black cat in the care of an aged witch, tended to obey her curiosity before any command she was given. That was until she took a few laps of a fragrant potion while her master was out and, to her great surprise, was transformed into a human being. Moreover, as she retained her feline skittishness, she bounded about the room, scattering bottles and ingredients to and fro. It was only after the shock had faded that she noticed everything was in utter shambles, and her attempt to hastily clean the mess before the witch returned was further complicated by the clumsiness of her new form.


Added on March 26. 2016 to the Easter Login Promo Card Pack.

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Can be evolved into element of player's choice with the Transcendental Forest Crest, Arcane Water Crest or Menacing Fire Crest.