Divine Armor

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -22
Experience / Monster +22
Coins / Monster 310-340
Monsters / Chapter ~64

Preceded By Followed By
The Smell of Death Spirit Assistance
End Boss
(Shield) Warrior Zealot Hayagriiva
(Shield) Warrior Zealot Hayagriiva

Chapter 64-1 Examine the Gravestones

Ebbing Harpy thumb Catacomb Necrophagist thumb Starfire Guard Gravitus thumb Purple Quill
Ebbing Harpy Catacomb Necrophagist Starfire Guard Gravitus Purple Quill

Chapter 64-2 Ignore the Illusions

Black-Winged Angel thumb Rebellious Wild Tiger thumb Straying Horned Dwarf thumb
Black-Winged Angel Rebellious Wild Tiger Straying Horned Dwarf

Chapter 64-3 Breach Their Defenses

Oppressed Native Goreux thumb Gashing Claws Lycanthrope thumb Blaze Breather Trypoxylus thumb
Oppressed Native Goreux Gashing Claws Lycanthrope Blaze Breather Trypoxylus

Chapter 64-4 Avenge the Fallen

Ebbing Harpy thumb Rebellious Wild Tiger thumb Blaze Breather Trypoxylus thumb Blue Quill
Ebbing Harpy Rebellious Wild Tiger Blaze Breather Trypoxylus Blue Quill

Chapter 64-5 Solve the Graveyard Mystery

Defiant Dissolved Dragon thumb Gashing Claws Lycanthrope thumb Brash Goblin Zombie thumb
Defiant Dissolved Dragon Gashing Claws Lycanthrope Brash Goblin Zombie

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