Drawn In

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -7
Experience / Monster +7
Coins / Monster 70-84
Monsters / Chapter ~10

Preceded By Followed By
From the Depths Drowned Out
End Boss
(Transforming) Bewitching Scylla
(Transforming) Bewitching Scylla

Chapter 8-1 Slippery Passages

Forest Beast Yale thumb Lilin, Dream Siren thumb Thunder Berserker thumb Purple Bangle
Forest Beast Yale Lilin, Dream Siren Thunder Berserker Purple Bangle

Chapter 8-2 Reverse or Traverse?

Green Grizzly thumb Canyon Golem thumb Lost Angel thumb
Green Grizzly Canyon Golem Lost Angel

Chapter 8-3 Breaking Waves

Proud Silverback thumb Dancing Ashrays thumb Thunder Berserker thumb Turquoise Bangle
Proud Silverback Dancing Ashrays Thunder Berserker Turquoise Bangle

Chapter 8-4 Turning the Tide

Green Grizzly thumb Armored Merfolk thumb Hellfire Cerberus thumb
Green Grizzly Armored Merfolk Hellfire Cerberus

Chapter 8-5 Crashing Into Scings

Dryad Creator thumb Armored Merfolk thumb Volcanic Worm thumb Red Bangle
Dryad Creator Armored Merfolk Volcanic Worm Red Bangle

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