Energy Drink

Energy Drinks, ED, or EP (energy potions), are items which can be used to fully restore all of a player's energy points.

Unlike their bound counterparts, these variants can be traded or gifted to other players. Because of their relative rarity and usefulness, they are often used as a form of currency for trades between players, along with Power Potions. Most often, they are the main forms of currency in trade, though their relative value depends on the type of events that are ongoing.


They can be earned in several ways. Starting from chapter 14 and onwards in the main questline, the unbound variants are given to players as a reward for defeating bosses. As well, they are often given as rewards for participating in and achieving a certain rank in events. Unbound energy drinks can also be obtained through trade with other players, usually in exchange for cards, Power Potions and coins. Additionally, players are given an option to purchase energy drinks from the in-game store for gems.

High leveled players have the option to also run Enhancing services. In exchange for a fee, Enhancers enhance a specified card up to their maximum level. Enhancers can also enhance skill levels up to a desired amount. Running enhancing services is often the most efficient way of amassing large amounts of Energy Drinks.

Additional InfoEdit

  • The maximum amount that one can hold is 9,999.
  • Their ratio to power potions varies from 1:2, 1:1, or 2:1

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