This page is no longer being maintained and is kept around for archival purposes only.

This page is dedicated to updating and informing players of those who have scammed or have attempted to scam others out of cards or items.

What we consider scamming

In general, we consider scamming to be the use of deception to obtain cards or items from other individuals. This includes:

  • Borrowing cards from other individuals and not returning them when requested to do so.
  • Purposefully changing a trade offer at the last minute without notifying the other individual.
    • This includes not upholding your end of a trade in cross-game trades.
  • Purposefully using misleading information or withholding important information in order to benefit.
    • e.g. Intentionally withholding whether the card in question is PM.

What is NOT considered scamming

  • Not explicitly informing others of known market prices when making trades. It is the responsibility of each trade partner to be informed of current market values.
  • Lowballing
    • Lowballing is the act of offering less than generally accepted market values for cards or items, intentional or not. Because of the variability often found in trades, as well as other factors such as ignorance, lowballing is not considered a form of scamming.


  • This page will editable only by Legend of the Cryptids Wiki administrators.
  • To submit a scam report or complaint, simply use the comments section below.
  • Complaints should be made by registered wiki users. Complaints can be made by unregistered users, but priority will always be given to registered wiki members.
  • In order to be put on the blacklist, one must have committed at least one instance of fraud or scamming, as defined by the above.
  • The accused individual must be reported by at least FIVE different individuals, with sufficient proof of the scam. In some instances, only one individual is needed, but there must be conclusive evidence to back such a claim.
    • An example of proof would be images of the said transaction or instance of fraud.
    • Note that attempting to frame individuals will NOT be accepted, and is reason to be put on the list. Examples of framing including purposefully artificially altering images to mislead others, and pretending to be different individuals when making claims.
  • Please keep conversations civil at all times. Use the User conduct page as a reference.
  • The severity of the reported offense will be taken into consideration when blacklisting individuals.


  • Appeals may be made by those put on the blacklist, but conclusive evidence must be given by such an individual, and appeals must be accompanied by testaments from FIVE different individuals claiming the accused player's innocence.


Player ID Date added Reason
Fjsdjvch (iOS) November 08, 2012 Offering to enhance then not returning card.
fonders (iOS) November 08, 2012 Cross trading scam on Gaurdian Cross
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?

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