Guardian of the Forest

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -1
Experience / Monster +1
Coins / Monster 10-12
Monsters / Chapter ~10

Preceded By Followed By
First Adventure Mysterious Monsters
End Boss
Nemean Lion
Nemean Lion

Chapter 2-1 Patrolling the Woods

Half Elf of the Grove thumb Illusionary Black Dragon thumb Valiant King of Lava thumb
Half Elf of the Grove Illusionary Black Dragon Valiant King of Lava

Chapter 2-2 Defeat the Monsters

Capricious Pixie thumb Cleansing Gargoyle thumb Lost Angel thumb
Capricious Pixie Cleansing Gargoyle Lost Angel

Chapter 2-3 Pursuit!

Insidious Furfur thumb Illusionary Black Dragon thumb Drude, Dream Thief thumb Red Ring
Insidious Furfur Illusionary Black Dragon Drude, Dream Thief Red Ring

Chapter 2-4 Into the Nest

Forest Beast Yale thumb Lilin, Dream Siren thumb Radiant Thunderbeast thumb Yellow Ring
Forest Beast Yale Lilin, Dream Siren Radiant Thunderbeast Yellow Ring

Chapter 2-5 BeastLord Battle

Rakshasa thumb Cleansing Gargoyle thumb Hellfire Helmwige thumb
Rakshasa Cleansing Gargoyle Hellfire Helmwige

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