Insidious Furfur


Furfur holds people's secrets - the ones they want nobody else to know. Furfur hunts those who are afraid of their secrets being revealed from high up in the sky.

Name OriginEdit

In demonology, Furfur (other spelling: Furtur) is a powerful Great Earl of Hell, being the ruler of twenty-nine legions of demons. He is a liar unless compelled to enter a magic triangle where he gives true answers to every question, speaking with a rough voice. Furfur causes love between a man and a woman, creates storms, tempests, thunder, lightning, and blasts, and teaches on secret and divine things.

He is depicted as a hart or winged hart, and also as an angel. To some authors he changes from hart into angel when compelled to enter the magic triangle.

'Furfur' or 'furfures' in Latin means "bran". However it seems more likely that the name is a corruption of 'Furcifer' the Latin word for scoundrel.


2-3, 3-2, 6-5

Additional infoEdit

This card has become the subject of a running joke in the game, with players often jokingly offering ridiculous amounts of potions and cards in exchange for a PM version of this card.