Bronze Key

A Key is needed to open a Boss Reward Chest during a Raid Event. Each event has a key in a unique color.

They can be obtained by:

  • discovering and defeating a Hidden Boss (3 keys)
  • discovering and defeating a Secret Boss (10 keys)
  • participating in defeating a Hidden or Secret Boss and dealing at least 1,000,000 damage (2 keys)
  • Daily Ranking Reward
Image Event Date Color Color origin
Turquoise Key Game of Illusion September 2015 Turquoise Key Gemstone
Kunzite Key Child of Hope August 2015 Kunzite Key Gemstone
Iolite Key Stalking Doom July 2015 Iolite Key Gemstone
Carnelian Key The Lost Army June 2015 Carnelian Key Semi-precious Gemstone
Royal Endgame May 2015 Celestine Key Mineral
The False Prophet April 2015 Nephrite Key Gemstone

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