Last Wish

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -23
Experience / Monster +23
Coins / Monster 320-360
Monsters / Chapter ~85

Preceded By Followed By
Shield Materials Windy Plains
End Boss
(Blaze) Gregor the Soul Sucker
(Blaze) Gregor the Soul Sucker

Chapter 85-1 Pursue the Demons

Ebbing Harpy thumb Ipupiara of Skepticism thumb Blaze Breather Trypoxylus thumb Purple Chalice
Ebbing Harpy Ipupiara of Skepticism Blaze Breather Trypoxylus Purple Chalice

Chapter 85-2 Evade the Flames

Black-Winged Angel thumb Hiding Forest Dogbeast thumb Blaze Breather Trypoxylus thumb
Black-Winged Angel Hiding Forest Dogbeast Blaze Breather Trypoxylus

Chapter 85-3 Track the Demons

Steel Killer Sachez thumb Catacomb Necrophagist thumb Abyssal Warden thumb
Steel Killer Sachez Catacomb Necrophagist Abyssal Warden

Chapter 85-4 Follow the Body Trail

Jungle Tyrant Zhak thumb Gashing Claws Lycanthrope thumb Blaze Breather Trypoxylus thumb Blue Chalice
Jungle Tyrant Zhak Gashing Claws Lycanthrope Blaze Breather Trypoxylus Blue Chalice

Chapter 85-5 Free the Souls

Ebbing Harpy thumb Catacomb Necrophagist thumb Straying Horned Dwarf thumb
Ebbing Harpy Catacomb Necrophagist Straying Horned Dwarf

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