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This page lists the final forms of all Cards in the game with Supreme Skill as a general overview.

For card specific information, please refer to the respective card pages. Please note that this page is generated automatically, and any corrections must be made on the cards themselves.

Please also note that this page is cached for faster loading times. To refresh the page, and see the most up-to-date table, click here.

Name Power Max ATK ATK/ PWR Max DEF DEF/ PWR Skill Effect
40px (Abject Grudge) Haunting Lo-u-Ling Water Icon Small 24 28140 1173 24360 1015 Supreme drop in all DEF augmented by # of Water Cards in your Front Line
(Joyous) Freia, Bestowing Blessings thumb (Joyous) Freia, Bestowing Blessings Forest Icon Small 24 28210 1175 24290 1012 Supreme drop in all DEF augmented by # of Forest Cards in your Front Line

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