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Magnum Opus
Magnum Opus West
Magnum Opus East

Magnum Opus is a card park but differs from the usual kind of Card Packs. It can solely be accessed via MyPage and not via the Card Pack button.

It was introduced on August 31, 2016 and includes classic Cards by selected Artists as Renewed URs. It resembles an art gallery and is divided into two parts (East and West Exhibit) to reflect the different styles. The player has to choose the exhibit and every draw costs 500 Gems. The exhibitions change every month on the 14th and 30th.

August 31, 2016Edit

September 14, 2016Edit

September 30, 2016Edit

October 14, 2016Edit

October 31, 2016Edit

November 14, 2016Edit

November 30, 2016Edit

December 14, 2016Edit

December 30, 2016Edit

January 14, 2017Edit

January 30, 2017Edit

February 14, 2017Edit

February 28, 2017Edit

March 14, 2017Edit

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