Hello all,

I wanted to pass on some information that I got from Wiki.  Below is an excerpt from an email that was sent to Admins of the top 5000 Wikis.  This excerpt talks about apps that have been released that access Wiki data on your mobile device:

Game Guides and My Wikia..

If you're a gamer, Game Guides brings you quick strategy tips, full walkthroughs and detailed information about all your favorite mobile and video games. The content, as always, is the same high quality expert-level information written by and for the fans.

My Wikia, our flagship tablet app, is also now available on iPad. My Wikia is an excellent content discovery and browsing app that includes a customizable homepage "dashboard" of your favorite wikis, and quick access to trending and popular content in addition to the rest of the Wikia reading experience all packaged up in a custom interface designed specifically for the tablet experience. And, yes, and Android version is in the works!

The third key piece of Wikia's mobile offerings is what we call our mobile web". The Wikia experience when using the browser on your smartphone has a different user interface than when you visit Wikia via your laptop or desktop (or, when you visit Wikia using the browser on your tablet).

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