Monkey Business

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -10
Experience / Monster +10
Coins / Monster 100-120
Monsters / Chapter ~13

Preceded By Followed By
A New Dawn It's a Bird, It's...
End Boss
Great Sage Sun Wukong
Great Sage Sun Wukong

Chapter 11-1 Forward, Marsh!

Green Grizzly thumb Canyon Golem thumb Red Dragon thumb
Green Grizzly Canyon Golem Red Dragon

Chapter 11-2 Marching Through the Muck

Proud Silverback thumb Armored Merfolk thumb Volcanic Worm thumb Blue Amulet
Proud Silverback Armored Merfolk Volcanic Worm Blue Amulet

Chapter 11-3 Something Smells

Chaos Ninetail thumb Canyon Golem thumb Volcanic Worm thumb
Chaos Ninetail Canyon Golem Volcanic Worm

Chapter 11-4 Smells Like Monsters

Dark Centaur thumb Frozen Mechanoid thumb Thunder Berserker thumb Green Amulet
Dark Centaur Frozen Mechanoid Thunder Berserker Green Amulet

Chapter 11-5 Smells Like Monkey

Proud Silverback thumb Dreadnought Pegasus thumb Cruel Mechanoid thumb
Proud Silverback Dreadnought Pegasus Cruel Mechanoid

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