This section contains sound file blips from the game. Not to be reused without explicit permission of Aplibot and they will be removed if requested by the company.

Opening VideoEdit

Opening Clip00:16

Opening Clip


Legend of the Cryptids and Legend of the Monsters (JP) share a "original fantasy" soundtrack.

Music 001Edit
Music 001

Music 002Edit
Music 002

Music 003Edit
Music 003

Music 004Edit
Music 004

Music 005Edit
Music 005

Music 006Edit
Music 006

Music 007 - ???Edit

The music files skip in numbers from 6-8, it is unknown why.

Music 008Edit
Music 008


There are many noticeable sound effects throughout the game from Questing to Leveling up or Enhancing Cards.

Button 1

Jingle levelup

Quest ClearEdit
Jingle questclear

Jingle youwin

Anime evolve 1100

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