Mysterious Monsters

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -2
Experience / Monster +2
Coins / Monster 20-24
Monsters / Chapter ~10

Preceded By Followed By
Guardian of the Forest Wails & Echoes
End Boss
Nemean Lion
Nemean Lion

Chapter 3-1 Delve into the Woods

Rakshasa thumb Seaside Mermaid thumb Radiant Thunderbeast thumb Purple Ring
Rakshasa Seaside Mermaid Radiant Thunderbeast Purple Ring

Chapter 3-2 Close Encounters

Insidious Furfur thumb Carmilla, Lonely Vampire thumb Hellfire Cerberus thumb
Insidious Furfur Carmilla, Lonely Vampire Hellfire Cerberus

Chapter 3-3 Nemean Minions

Dryad Creator thumb Lilin, Dream Siren thumb Radiant Thunderbeast thumb Blue Ring
Dryad Creator Lilin, Dream Siren Radiant Thunderbeast Blue Ring

Chapter 3-4 Beastley Revenger

Forest Beast Yale thumb Cleansing Gargoyle thumb Drude, Dream Thief thumb
Forest Beast Yale Cleansing Gargoyle Drude, Dream Thief

Chapter 3-5 Searching for Answers

Rakshasa thumb Dancing Ashrays thumb Hellfire Helmwige thumb Green Ring
Rakshasa Dancing Ashrays Hellfire Helmwige Green Ring

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