Orb of Awakening

Orb of Awakening is a special Evolution Item. Appeared in Pyromorphosis and Cryptic Rebirth Card Packs. Opposed to Crystal of Rebirth.

Orb of Awakening evolves Card into special Card - The Mightiest Cryptid.

Variant of Evolution Tree for Fire ElementEdit

Volcano-born Flare Dragon x2 => (Skyblaze) Flare Dragon in Flight + Orb of Awakening => (Pyro) Gargantuan Flare Dragon

Variant of Evolution Tree for Water ElementEdit

Ocean Dragon in the Depths x2 => (Unseen) Ocean Dragon in the Depths + Orb of Awakening => (Hunts) Ocean Dragon Emperor

Variant of Evolution Tree for Forest ElementEdit

Slumbering Forest Dragon x2 => (Towering) Gazing Forest Dragon + Crystal of Rebirth => (Jade Ruler) Glinting Forest Dragon

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