Orb of Sacred Light

Orbs of Sacred Light (Bound) are items only available during raid events. When used, it completely restores ATK PWR and DEF PWR and increases the damage done by all participants to the current raid boss by 1.5×, even if they joined the fight after the Orb was used. Its effects last from when it is first used, to until either the raid boss is defeated, or the time for that particular battle runs out.


During a raid event, there are three usual ways to obtain Orbs:

• Sold in the shop:100 Gems each
6× for 500 Gems
10× for 1000 Gems
• Come pre-packaged with some Card Packs, generally also with Power Potions
• Received as compensational or promotional gifts from the developers

Additional InfoEdit

As with other event-specific items, such as Battle Elixirs and Faerie's Blessings, any Orbs held in your inventory at the end of the event are converted into Power Potions.

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