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Have Ideas and Suggestions you want to Share? 

Welcome to LOC's Player Suggestion Page! 

You can Share Raid Ideas, Odyssey Ideas and Even Card Ideas! 

This is also a Complaint Page! Complain about problems here!


  • Anyone can contribute to this page.
  • This is not a Trade Post
  • Be Polite and treat others with respect. Do not criticize one's post or comment. If you want to improve one's post or if you have a problem with it, do it with repsect,
  • All ideas must be original. They must be your's and your's only! Do NOT take someone else's idea and make it yours. This is unfair to the original posters
  • Keep all Suggestions on this page. 
  • To suggest to the Support and Development Team, either post on my message wall ->                                                         or contact them ->
  • Have Fun!

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