The Pure Price of a card is its price when trades purely for either Power Potions or Energy Drinks. This is not to be confused with the Sales price of a card, which is the price of a card when selling it back to the game.

Pure Prices are often confused with the Card Value of a card, and the two terms are often used interchangeably with each other. In reality, the two terms are very different from one another. While the Pure Price refers to a card's value in potions, Card Value usually refers to the price of a card when primarily cards are used in trades. Often, the two are essentially the same although this may not always be the case, depending on market conditions.

Reasons for usageEdit

When trading for cards in-game, potions are often used due to their practical use and ability to be traded, making them useful in-game currency. Though trading cards for potions is often the dominant form of in-game trading between players, card-for-card trades exist and the popularity of such trades rise and fall depending on market conditions. Players often refer to the price of a card purely in potions as its Pure Price in order to distinguish it from its price when traded for other cards, which becomes particularly important when market upheaval happens. When prices either rise or fall rapidly, the Pure Price of a card and its Card Value begin to diverge. When this happens, a distinction is often made to avoid confusion.

Pure Price versus Card ValueEdit

The difference between the "Pure Price" and "Card Value" of a card largely depends on in-game market conditions. When prices are stable and low enough to make trading purely in potions practical, the Card Value and Pure Price are essentially the same. When market upheaval takes place, a distinction is made depending on market conditions. When prices fall rapidly due to potion scarcity, people are often reluctant to trade cards at a lower price than before. When this happens, prices are maintained using their relative value against other cards or Card Value, and a discrepancy exists between Card Value and Pure Price, with prices for cards purely in potions being significantly lower than their Card Value.

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