Relic Hunt

Collect Relic drops while event questing to draw the new Card Park at great value or use them on the Free Card Pack!

Using RelicsEdit

  • You must select 3 Relics in order for the Card Park to take effect.
  • Each Relic has two effects: one for the Free Card Park and one for the Paid Card Pack.
  • You may not use more than one kind of Relic at once.
  • You may not combine the Humongous UR/R Rate Ticket, Hugh UR/R Rate Ticket, or the High UR/R Rate Ticket Relics.
  • Consumed Relics are removed from your Item List.
  • Relics may only be used when drawing from the paid or free Relic Hunt Card Packs.
  • Relics collected during the event will automatically be stored in your Item List.
  • Relics will dispapear once the Relic Hunt Card Packs end. The ending date will be announced at a later time.

Relic Effects and DescriptionEdit

Name of Relic Paid Card Pack Effect Free Card Pack Effect
Humungous UR/R Rate Relic UR Drop 4x Rate Rare Drop 4x Rate
Huge UR/R Rate Relic UR Drop 3 x Rate Rare Drop 3x Rate
High UR/R Rate Relic UR Drop 2x Rate Rare Drop 2x Rate
Discount Relic

300 Gems --> 100 Gems

1st Time Use: 100 Gems --> 50 Gems

200 Friendship PTs --> 100 Friendship PTs
Max Level Relic Max Level Cards Only Max Level Cards Only
User Element Relic User Element Cards Only User Element Cards Only
Awesome Bonus Relic 2 Bonus Energy Drinks 10,000 Bonus Coins

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