Royal Blue Sapphire Key The Royal Blue Sapphire Key opens the The Jolly Roger Boss Reward Chest. It is obtained by discovering or dealing at least 1,000,000 damage to any of:

The chest contents are fixed, so every time a key is used to withdraw an item, you will reduce the variance of the chest, increasing the probabilities for all items not drawn.

Royal Blue Sapphire Chest Contents:Edit

1×Bestialized Ildar
2×Crew's Diva Carla
20×Lawless Commodore Drake
30×Last Pirate Bartholomew
55×Pirate King's Retainer Outi
10×Ravine Shaman Dam
5×Normad Sorceress Margery
3×Jewel Helmer Hnoss
15×LCP Claim Ticket × 1
2×Power Potion × 40
10×Power Potion × 6
20×Power Potion × 2
80×Power Potion (Bound) × 1
65×Half Power Potion (Bound) × 1
5×Energy Drink × 2
5×Energy Drink (Bound) × 1
10×Half Energy Drink (Bound) × 1
2×Genius Baby Dragon
135×Mighty Baby Dragon
135×Prosperous Baby Dragon


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