Sandstorm Watchman

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -15
Experience / Monster +15
Coins / Monster 210-320
Monsters / Chapter ~28

Preceded By Followed By
Withering Land Soothing Sands
End Boss
(Obstacle) Sand Fortress Watchman
(Obstacle) Sand Fortress Watchman

Chapter 33-1 Queen of Light

Heavenbreaker thumb Heavenly Freyja thumb Ravine Nightmare thumb
Heavenbreaker Heavenly Freyja Ravine Nightmare

Chapter 33-2 Seek the Path

Truth Seeker Guru thumb Cthulhu the Leader thumb Blaze Breather Trypoxylus thumb Red Janbiya
Truth Seeker Guru Cthulhu the Leader Blaze Breather Trypoxylus Red Janbiya

Chapter 33-3 Seek an Audience

Berserk Chimaera thumb Hedonist Apkallu thumb Purgatory Iblis thumb
Berserk Chimaera Hedonist Apkallu Purgatory Iblis

Chapter 33-4 Approaching the Watchman

Heavenbreaker thumb Crowned Blue Dragon thumb Magma Minotaur thumb Yellow Janbiya
Heavenbreaker Crowned Blue Dragon Magma Minotaur Yellow Janbiya

Chapter 33-5 Even the Watchman Blinks

Torrid Dust Golem thumb Cthulhu the Leader thumb Purgatory Iblis thumb
Torrid Dust Golem Cthulhu the Leader Purgatory Iblis

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