Sharin the Vampire


Sharin believes that humans and vampires can coexist. Instead of sucking blood from the neck of a captive, vampires should provide fair compensation for blood. There would be no need for humans to fear them under such a system. Yet much of vampirekind looks down upon humanity and would prefer the direct, violent method of obtaining blood, causing needless strife. "Lady Sharin, we've found a rogue!" She sighed at the report of her subordinate and crawled out of her coffin.


Added on February 21, 2014 as Final BR point Ranking Reward during Battle Royale XX:

  • Individual Final BR point Rank 1-3, 51-150 (x2), 151-250 (x2), 251-500.
  • Guild Victory Count 24-27, 28-33, 34+.
  • Guild Final BR point Rank 1 (x2), 2, 3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-20 (x2), 21-50.
  • Can be drawn from Token Box Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Sharin is a feminine name of Hebrew origin, a variant of Sharon; the meaning is "great fertile plain".

Additional InfoEdit

Featured on the banner of the Battle Royale XX Event.