Solemn Reawakening is a limited time box card pack available starting May 26, 2013 at 10:00 PM (PST).

The pack featured the introduction of three new 17 power Ultra Rares, all redesigns of past cards, one for each element type. A 17 power Ultra Rare exchange ticket was drawable, allowing players to choose which of the three Ultra Rares they want to receive. Players who picked any of these cards after drawing the ticket were also given the option of receiving an actual physical copy of the card they picked.

The pack also featured the return of cards previously available from the Messengers from Hell card pack, as well as an additional raid Ultra Rare for the God Smack Raid Event.

Two new Ultra Rares in the form of Ruby Crusader Metrophanes and Aileen, the Omniscient were later added.

As part of the game's continuing celebration of its one year anniversary, all players were given a free draw ticket.

Cards includedEdit

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