Strange Stranger

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -20
Experience / Monster +20
Coins / Monster 290~380
Monsters / Chapter ~102

Preceded By Followed By
Display of Affection Perilous Peace
End Boss
Urban Menace Canosso
Urban Menace Canosso

Chapter 102-1 Avenue Stroll

Mozia, Desiring the End thumb Hedonist Apkallu thumb Blaze Breather Trypoxylus thumb Red Dove Coin
Mozia, Desiring the End Hedonist Apkallu Blaze Breather Trypoxylus Red Dove Coin

Chapter 102-2 Studying the Map

Defiant Dissolved Dragon thumb Ipupiara of Skepticism thumb Pastt, Dimension Hopper thumb
Defiant Dissolved Dragon Ipupiara of Skepticism Pastt, Dimension Hopper

Chapter 102-3 Sinister Blood Trail

Jungle Tyrant Zhak thumb Gargantuan Ruins Spider thumb Brash Goblin Zombie thumb
Jungle Tyrant Zhak Gargantuan Ruins Spider Brash Goblin Zombie

Chapter 102-4 Through the Alleys

Defiant Dissolved Dragon thumb Catacomb Necrophagist thumb Abyssal Warden thumb Yellow Dove Coin
Defiant Dissolved Dragon Catacomb Necrophagist Abyssal Warden Yellow Dove Coin

Chapter 102-5 Stop the Murderer

Ebbing Harpy thumb Hedonist Apkallu thumb Brash Goblin Zombie thumb
Ebbing Harpy Hedonist Apkallu Brash Goblin Zombie

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