The Citrine Key The Citrine Key opens the God Smack Boss Reward Chest. It is obtained by discovering or dealing at least 1,000,000 damage to any of:

The chest contents are fixed, so every time a key is used to withdraw an item, you will reduce the variance of the chest, increasing the probabilities for all items not drawn.

The Citrine Chest Contents:Edit

1×Corrupt Cardinal Richelieu
2×Allegiant Aleksanteri
20×Diego the Vengeful
30×Bequeathed Francesc
50×Dune Thief Amelia
10×Ravine Shaman Dam
5×Normad Sorceress Margery
3×Jewel Helmer Hnoss
15×LCP Claim Ticket × 1
7×Power Potion × 10
20×Power Potion × 4
25×Power Potion × 2
100×Power Potion (Bound) × 1
5×Energy Drink × 2
10×Energy Drink (Bound) × 1
2×Genius Baby Dragon
135×Mighty Baby Dragon
130×Prosperous Baby Dragon


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