The Hidden Lake

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -10
Experience / Monster +10
Coins / Monster 100-216
Monsters / Chapter ~19

Preceded By Followed By
Midknight The Hidden Treasure
End Boss
Seajewel Vouivre
Seajewel Vouivre

Chapter 18-1 Underground Expanse

Chaos Ninetail thumb Abyss Serpent thumb Red Dragon thumb Red Anklet
Chaos Ninetail Abyss Serpent Red Dragon Red Anklet

Chapter 18-2 Fishing for a Wyrm

Charging Qilin thumb Dark Assassin thumb Netherlord Orochi thumb
Charging Qilin Dark Assassin Netherlord Orochi

Chapter 18-3 The Smell of the Sea

Massacre Minotaur thumb Bottled Djinn thumb Purgatory Iblis thumb Green Anklet
Massacre Minotaur Bottled Djinn Purgatory Iblis Green Anklet

Chapter 18-4 The Sound of Shore

Skull Dragon thumb Frozen Mechanoid thumb Ravine Nightmare thumb
Skull Dragon Frozen Mechanoid Ravine Nightmare

Chapter 18-5 The Sight of the Dragon

Charging Qilin thumb Bottled Djinn thumb Ravine Nightmare thumb Turquoise Anklet
Charging Qilin Bottled Djinn Ravine Nightmare Turquoise Anklet

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