Tribute Points are earned by purchasing various card packs (e.g. 10x Multi-Pick Legend Card Pack gave 40 Tribute Points, Cupid's Concerto), and in turn, could be spent to buy cards in the Forbidden Bazaar. They were originally only available from July 4 to July 11, 2012.

The second occurrance was from February 8 to February 26, 2013 (Cupid's Concerto). During this promotion, the amount of Tribute Points acquired is randomly acquired depending on which card pack was purchased.

  • 300 Gem pack - 5 Tribute Points
  • 1500 Gem pack - 30 Tribute Points
  • 3000 Gem pack - 60, 75, 95, 130, 200 or 700 Tribute Points

Any unused Tribute Points unused at the end of the promotion date would expire worthless.

Forbidden Bazaar Title

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