• (Incubation) Miasma-born ArceliaGo to (Incubation) Miasma-born Arcelia
  • (Amazon) Morrigan, Battle SparkerGo to (Amazon) Morrigan, Battle Sparker
  • (Nimble) Fantasy Usher White RabbitGo to (Nimble) Fantasy Usher White Rabbit
  • (Seduce) Barbara, Ultimate EmpressGo to (Seduce) Barbara, Ultimate Empress
  • (Decadent) Empyrean Ruler ArtesiaGo to (Decadent) Empyrean Ruler Artesia
  • (Raze) Wagner, the Legendary DragonGo to (Raze) Wagner, the Legendary Dragon
  • (Archfiend) Renegade DragonslayerGo to (Archfiend) Renegade Dragonslayer
  • (Time) Chronowork MiljaGo to (Time) Chronowork Milja
  • (Vile) Bewitching Morgan le FayGo to (Vile) Bewitching Morgan le Fay

Ultra Rare EX cards are evolved forms of Ultra Rare cards. They have a rarity value of six stars, and have an increased attack and defense potential.

List of Ultra Rare EX cardsEdit

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