Wails & Echoes

Mission Specs
Energy / Monster -3
Experience / Monster +3
Coins / Monster 30-36
Monsters / Chapter ~10

Preceded By Followed By
Mysterious Monsters Breaking Down Walls
End Boss
(Ironhide) Nemean Lion
(Ironhide) Nemean Lion

Chapter 4-1 Into the Unexplored

Dryad Creator thumb Cleansing Gargoyle thumb Drude, Dream Thief thumb
Dryad Creator Cleansing Gargoyle Drude, Dream Thief

Chapter 4-2 Surrounded by Jungle

Rakshasa thumb Armored Merfolk thumb Hellfire Cerberus thumb Yellow Ring
Rakshasa Armored Merfolk Hellfire Cerberus Yellow Ring

Chapter 4-3 Breaking Down Hostilities

Green Grizzly thumb Dancing Ashrays thumb Radiant Thunderbeast thumb
Green Grizzly Dancing Ashrays Radiant Thunderbeast

Chapter 4-4 Under Suspicious Gazes

Capricious Pixie thumb Seaside Mermaid thumb Hellfire Cerberus thumb Red Ring
Capricious Pixie Seaside Mermaid Hellfire Cerberus Red Ring

Chapter 4-5 Raging Meltdown

Dryad Creator thumb Dancing Ashrays thumb Thunder Berserker thumb
Dryad Creator Dancing Ashrays Thunder Berserker

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