Yugiri the Dreamtrader


In an isolated country on the eastern reaches of Neotellus, there was a young woman by the name of Yugiri who sold dreams to men. However, she met one who gave a dream to her. Realizing her emotions, he forcefully led Yugiri from the establishment which employed her. Though her feet were frozen with fear, the man bravely fended off the drawn blades of the other customers, and she could feel her heart beating intensely.


Added on November 29, 2015 to the Master of Fate Card Pack

Name originEdit


Trivia Edit

  • With her lore in mind, it's possible the "Dreamtrader" part of her name actually refers to prostitution, as prostitutes in Japan wear their obis (sashes) on their kimonos tied in the front rather than in the back, just as Yugiri is shown doing in her artwork.
  • Artwork by Woochul Lee.